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Money Exchange in Beijing

  How and where to exchange your money when you travel to Beijing China ?

  Unlike many foreign countries, there are no money exchange houses on the streets. Usually you may do money exchange at the banks or ATM machine at the Beijing Capital Airport when you arrive, or at your hotel in Beijing. They make the same deal either you do it at the airport banks or at ATM machine, or at your hotel in Beijing. When you do the money exchange, don't forget to take your passport. Please keep your receipt. It is valid for three months! you can use the receipt to exchange your RMB ( Chinese money ) back to your currency when you leave China. When you run out of money, you can also exchange your money at the counter of your hotel in Beijing. Each hotel has the capacity to do the money exchange for you since Bank of China or other banks in China will have their counters at the foreign-related hotels.


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